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DJ introduction & overview

dj introduction


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 Let us give you an idea what the DJing is all about. We give you a 1hr overview of the equipment and you can do your first mix. You will get insights into the life of a DJ, why it is so much fun and what it takes to get on the music stages of this world.
You were always curious about the DJing? Do you want to know how it would be to impress your friends and play for fun on a party? Or do you aspire the DJ profession and dont know how to start?
This introduction give you all of that in only 1 hour. From the same tutors that train so many other DJs and now its your chance to get a glimpse of the DJ glamour. Lets not forget that there is hard work behind and we show you what is required to be a real DJ. 
Dj On Decks in club
This 1 hour overview contains:


  • Overview of typical DJ equipment
  • Analog or digital DJing? 
  • Shopping tipps for your equipment 

Life of a DJ

  • what does a DJ do? 
  • which types of DJs are there?
  • how does a typical week look alike?
  • how does it feel to be on stage infront of so many people?
  • is it always fun or where the work starts?

Your first mix

  • Try out to mix yourself with th support of the DJ tutor
Once the DJing set you on fire we are sure that you will love the further private classes DJ mixing coaching
Introduction languages are: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German 
 in 1 hour all you need to start
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