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2-day intense DJ workshop




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The 2-day Intensive course offers the most in-depth tuition at the venue.
Lead by our extremely knowledgeable DJ tutors, this course not only allows you more time on the decks, but we will also coach you on perfecting your performance at a professional level.
This is a course for the serious, career motivated DJ

Course Overview:

Day 1

  • Introduction to DJ Academy equipment
  • Live cueing, beatmixing and cd control
  • Professional drop mixing techniques
  • Live performance coaching
  • Controlling the booth and split cueing
  • Application of EQ and FX skills
  • Track selection and set progression
  • Advice on music styles
  • Day 1 will end with a group module:
    • Promotion for a professional DJ Career
    • Presented by an experienced London DJ/Promoter
    • Special guest input from International DJ Academy record label

Day 2

  • Opening with presentation of hottest new DJ equipment 
  • Continued module from day 1
  • Utilising DJ software for live performance
    • Option 1 - An Introduction to Pioneer, Serato & Traktor
    • Option 2 - Advanced techniques with Pioneer, Serato & Traktor
  • Open Workshops
    • Room 1: Pioneer Multimedia-Player Workshop
    • Room 2: Traktor Workshop
    • Room 3: Serato Workshop
    • Room 4: Open decks sessions


  1. What will I need to bring?   
    Headphones, packed lunch, your music in form of CD's, Vinyl, MP3s or Laptop
  2. What is the minimum age?
    15 (below 18 confirmation of parents required)
  3. What are the timings?
    10:30am till 6:30pm on both days
  4. Do you have recommended hotel accomodation?
    Yes. please speak to Dieter at DJ Academy Dubai
  5. How gets my level determined?
    You will get upon registration a questionaire in which your level gets assessed and you can state also your preferences
  6. Do I need to speak perfect English to participate?
    No, you will get all you need with basic school english and also in your group will be always somebody able to help you. The tutors have good experience with non-native speakers


 for next course on 16th & 17th August
register now ask a question 
or call +971 52 727 19 00

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