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DJ Services Overview


Professional club application for DJs 


dj assessment


Which club you dream to play in? Do you feel ready to play in this club? Then you need to convnce the club owner or DJ booker (for bigger clubs) to give you a DJ booking. What are the expectations of them? Do you have all material ready what they expect? You know you have only one chance to succeed and there are many many other DJs trying the same. Our professional club application service helps you ...Details



dj id

Why did nobody remember your name after a great club night in which all had tons of fun? Let your audience know who you are with a DJ ID. Every DJ should have a signature jingle or his name as a track to play during the night in a nice break or in the beginnig of a set. The DJ Academy Dubai helps you to record your special DJ ID. 

E.g., "DJ Dubmix in the house", "Today DJ AngryBird in the mix"

Mix review

mix review

Do you know what makes a good mixtape? Good selection of sounds and flawless transitions is the start. What are the technical areas you need to pay attention to? How to increase the recorded quality to CD level? Is your mix branded? 

All this and much more get evaluated in our Mix Review service. Send in your DJ mixset before you publish it and get our review to improve your skills. Each transition gets rated and improvement suggestions will help you to let your Mix-CD look professional and get the attention that you as a DJ artist deserve. Fixed price for any length of Mixtape and graphics as well as written feedback for your perfect mix presented to the club you desire and the fans that love you. 


Fan & Social Media Management

fan soclia

List of Sites to manage

Nowadays its expected from every to be present in many Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud etc. Being present is not enough as club owners and DJ bookers know what to pay attention to. Not only your number of likes/followers count but even more their interaction with you. How can you ever have enough time to manage all of those sites? Answer all of the fans? Engage with interesting new content? 

Here the DJ Academy Dubai can help by managing the Fans & Social Media pages for you. We set a monthly budget with you to have these work off your shoulders. If you build up a page we recommend more effort but with around 1000 AED or 300 USD per month you can come a long way. Lets discuss what you expect and how we can help you...Contact