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 "As beginner I got a profound introduction into the equipment and the techniques. I can see now better how things are connected and I am fascinated by the options you have on stage. Ministry of Sound motivates me to change my beginner status. Now I need to practice, practice, practice"  

- TheEye

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A pre-defined course does not do the trick for you? Then you need classes from one of the renowned DJ tutors. Catered to exactly your level of DJ experiences this personal course will push your level as high as you can go. Maximum time on the decks and no sharing of the DJ tutors time with other DJs. Learn how to DJ, mix songs and play in clubs.  
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If you are a Beginner, intermediate or Pro-DJs you get your appropiate coaching perfecting your mixing techniques and supporting finding your style. As CDJ you will learn to maximize the features and tricks of the Pioneer CDJ2000 (applicable to smaller players) for best use in the club. As digital DJ you will learn the interface of Traktor or Serato and how to use the features of the software to amaze your crowd. 
Potential coaching topics are:

Equipment & Basics

  • Life of a DJ - a typical week
  • DJ types e.g., club DJ, booking DJ, live performing DJ, mobile DJ, radio DJ, star DJ
  • Professionalism in the DJ business
  • Typical DJ equipment (in clubs and for praticing at home)
  • Overview of turntable/CDJ/ Traktor, Mixer, and Headphones
  • Analog or digital? Vinyl, CD or Computer? What works best for you
  • Shopping tipps for your equipment 
  • Setting up and cabeling of your equipment
  • Getting familiar with the setup and sound check 
  • Traktor Scratch Pro - overview, basics and advanced features
  • Pioneer CDJ-900/2000 - overview, basics and advanced features
  • Pioneer DJM-900/2000 - overview, basics and advanced features
  • Controller usage e.g., Native Instruments X1, S4 or Pioneer DDJ-T1

Mixing techniques

  • Structure of electronic music (various genres)
  • Counting beats and “Drop on 1”
  • Using of faders, crossfader and EQ
  • Beatmatching to transition songs
  • Counting bars (Phrase mixing)
  • Keys of songs and which fit nicely (Camelot harmonic system)
  • Set and use cue points 
  • Transition variations “drop cut”, “stop & drop”, “power down”, and “backspin”
  • Advanced transition techniques for different tempos and genres 
  • Looping & layering
  • Create your sound using samples and acapellas
  • Effective use of FX and filters
  • Live-Sampling with mixer and software/player
  • Back-to-back mixing with other DJs
  • Scratching as transition variation
  • Scratching as live performance art

Other skills

  • Organizing your music library
  • Creating a routine for searching songs, promoting to clubs etc. 
  • Reading a room and know when to play what 
  • Plan a night and its energy curve
  • Dance floor psychology and how to get part of the crowd
  • Hand-over from and to other DJs
  • Tease and surprise the crowd
  • Backup plan when something goes wrong (not if!)
  • Create effective mix-CDs - record, personalize, master and design eye-catching cover
  • Connecitng with the crowd
  • Common DJ stage performances 
  • Create your unique style and fitting image
Further topics like "How to get bookings", "Agents, bookers and club owners", "Get fans & Social Communities", etc. are covered in the DJ career & marketing coaching
Choose flexibly the timing of your online classes (daytime or evening, in the week or on the weekend) as well as the rythm (weekly or bi-weekly) to best cater your schedule.
Lets discuss your needs and make your DJ career happen. 
Coaching languages are: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German 

 min. 2 hrs on a regular basis recommended
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