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DJ career coaching Dubai


 DJ quote on the career coaching:

"I reach a point where i was stuck with my music and the DJing. I had the feeling of complete standstill. The coaching gave me input, but in a way i never considered before. This in turn has expanded my horizons enormously. I now believe that everybody is going hit this kind of rock bottom sometimes and in this coaching everything gets objectively analyzed und brought to the point. I feel in good hands. As my music style is underground i had my concerns in the first place but this vanished quickly. One notices that its not just hot air and you will be taken seriously. All is professionally handled. I look forward to continue working together.
Thumbs up and keep it up!"


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You mastered already all DJ equipment and your concern now is more about your marketing, image and how to get more gigs in your region? Or you are successfull in your country but have no clue how to go international? Then the DJ Career Coaching is the right way to go. This course shows you online how to increase your earnings, make money as DJ and get your the success you deserve. 

An initial get-to-know session put you in relation to other international DJs and assesses your strengths and weaknesses. 


With this assessment (as-is) and after defining your goals (to-be) we together define the path to success and support you all the way. 

Potential DJ career coaching topics:


  • Is my DJ name a good one? (finding effective DJ name)
  • Where you want to be? (goal setting)
  • How to get there? (defining the right overall strategy)
  • Do I need to produce my own music? (finding individual success path)

Marketing & PR

  • Which are the right clubs for you? (defining marketing strategy)
  • How do I get more international bookings? (defining unique selling proposition)
  • How should you be remembered? (defining your DJ image)
  • DJ Agencies or self-promotion? (defining your cooperation partners)
  • How does a good mixtape look like? (serving DJ booker expectations)
  • Business cards and download codes (creating effective promotion material)
  • What do include in your newsletter? (direct mailings, Newsletter & Email- Promotions)
  • How do I get more in the press? (PR strategy & finding support)
  • Did I come across stupid in my last interview? (interview coaching)


  • Which is the best equipement for me? (DJ gears, further hardware & software)
  • Can I reduce the work to build my playlists? (the "energy" concept & targetted music search)
  • How do I get 1 Mio. fans? (growing social media community & effective events)
  • How do I manage 1 Mio fans? (fan management & tools)
  • Do I need to do this all alone? (finding freelancers for media & admin support)

Further topics like how to mix songs, DJ equipment, mixing techniques or stage performance are covered in the DJ mixing coaching.

The online coaching can be arranged to your schedule due to phone or Skype. Also the content depends on your wishes and needs.

Coaching languages are: English, Portuguese, Spanish and German

 first 2 hrs are an initial DJ assessment
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